Summer Smoothies & My Radio Appearance

Tropical Summer Smoothie

Your kids will love this healthy smoothie ūüôā

Last week I talked with John Hutchings on Healthy Edge Radio about getting your family to eat healthy–especially when your kids won’t touch veggies!¬† (One method–try a smoothie!¬† A great one for kids is my Tropical Summer Smoothie recipe above.)


We talked with Dr. Stephen Cook (left) about an interview I did with him for my healthy parenting article about childhood obesity (There I am next to him), coming in the July/August issue of Healthy Edge Magazine.

We¬†discussed the latest research, and what parents can do to confront the issue.¬† (Listen to the full radio show here!)¬† I loved picking his brain about the biological, socioeconomic and psychosocial factors that contribute to this epidemic, and I learned a TON!¬† One of the main points–Obesity is a disease that must be confronted with a behavioral-based, family approach…and the emotional complications that kids experience far outweigh the physical ones.¬† Also, we discussed what busy parents can do to prevent it.¬† (Get this–Prevention¬†starts BEFORE you start your family!)


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