Straight talk

Let’s talk straight.  Fitness isn’t rocket science.  Don’t fall for the trendy detox.  The 7 day cleanse.  The potions, lotions, survive-on-one-food-group diet.  The “ground-breaking” workout that will flatten your belly, once and for all.  No trend or gimmick can provide a secret formula for losing weight and maintaining fitness.

But that doesn’t mean getting there has to be a grueling, miserable, bland-food-eating process. 

straight talk from a trainer mom

Jennifer Muscato

Fitness should be simple.  When applied correctly, its life-changing benefits reward you exponentially.  When you stop trying to find that magic bullet, you’ll find that fitness can fit with your life like peas and carrots.  And tasty ones, at that.

I want to bring fitness back to its basic form.  I want to cut through the clutter, the lies, the false promises.  Here, you’ll find real, valuable, unbiased, research-based answers–ones that have the potential to truly enrich your life in the long term.  You’ll find hearty recipes that your whole family will eat.   You’ll find do-anywhere workouts of various lengths, for various fitness levels.  You’ll find videos to work out to, and even a workout to do with kids.

I want to help you find your balance.  Once you achieve that equilibrium, everything clicks.

Easier said than done, right?  Getting there can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re a busy parent or professional.  But you if you know the simple rules of fitness and build habits to put them into action, you have the power to change your life.

Find out more about how in-home or online personal training can help you reach your goals by visiting my Fresh Start Challenge tab.  Use my website as a resource for information and inspiration.

Connect with me here or on social media.  Share your story!  I’d love to help.

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