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Shortly after my oldest was born, I began asking myself a question I’m guessing many new moms do:  Who am I now?  Besides feeling an overwhelming, all-consuming adoration for the new little person in my arms, I knew that somewhere within that whirlwind of puke and poop something profound had happened to me.

Now that my youngest is nine and I’ve become much more comfortable with the organized chaos in my life, I think the answer to that question is a bit clearer to me.   I’m the same girl I used to be.  Yeah, I’m an older, more sleep-deprived version of my former self.  But I’m also a little more patient and a lot more grounded.

My kids have given me a newfound appreciation for simple pleasures (like running around the yard barefoot and exploring bugs and birds) and helped teach me not to sweat the small stuff (like eating mac-n-cheese for dinner or having so-and-so catch me in my ratty old sweatpants at the supermarket).  I’m still learning, still making mistakes, still striving to perfectly balance all my various roles.

this website is for you.

Health and motherhood go hand-in-hand.   I work with a lot of mothers just like me–multi-faceted, doing the balancing act.  I tell them that their health is worth every drop of sweat.  I  help them discover that strong, fit self they never knew was there,  watch them transform into awesome role models for their kids.   We moms are powerful, and we owe it to ourselves and everyone who loves us to be who we were put on this earth to be.

This website can help to empower you to lead your family healthfully through the daily barrage of screens, fast-food chains, busy schedules and sugary temptations.  Most (if not all) of my recipes are family friendly, and my workouts are quick, efficient, and to the point (just like us).  I have you in mind with each new article I post.

Go here for recipes and other mom stuff.  Try this short video workout with your kiddos.

let’s commiserate!

Comparing our notes…it’s what moms do best.  Share your experiences with me.  Let’s connect here, on facebook, twitter, or google+. What are your biggest challenges?  Greatest triumphs?  I want to know!

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5 thoughts on “For Moms

  1. sheswrite says:

    Hello! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, some folks from your site have been swinging by mine. As you likely guessed, I can so relate to a lot of what you’ve written! Especially the part about the Cab. 🙂

    Have fun with the blogging! Your site looks great!

  2. SaucyB says:

    I love that you refer to yourself as multi-faceted. So often I see people peg themselves as a mom and nothing else once kids come along.

    I think it’s important to maintain one’s sense of self. Congrats on being features on The Mom Bloggers Club.

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